Boy George: Recovery Really Does Set You Free


By Bryan Lee

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The music icon, now drug-free for a decade, shared a candid moment with a sober contestant on an episode of The Voice Australia.

Life has been good for Boy George since he got sober 10 years ago.

Currently a judge on The Voice Australia, he shared some perspective on the show.

“As you know, if you’re in recovery, it’s amazing to think that you could go this long without being a mess,” he said to Colin Lillie, a contestant on the show. “It’s like, you get through the other side and you get a life beyond your wildest dreams, you know, because recovery really does set you free.”

The 56-year-old performer (born George O’Dowd) shared his thoughts on sobriety with Lillie on camera because they both are celebrating 10 years of sobriety this year. As Lillie performed, Boy George said he…click here to continue reading