The Biggest Misconception About The Opioid Crisis, According To The Oscar-Nominated Director Of Netflix’s ‘Heroin(e)’


By John Lynch

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In her Oscar-nominated documentary, “Heroin(e),” director Elaine McMillion Sheldon confronts the national opioid epidemic by depicting those who are fighting the rampant crisis in Huntington, West Virginia — a town that suffers an opioid overdose rate 10 times the national average.

In an interview with Business Insider, Sheldon discussed a number of misconceptions that surround the opioid crisis, many of which she sought to counterbalance in her Netflix original film.

Sheldon described how the crisis has reached beyond the common perception of heroin and opioid abuse as a “lower-class issue,” infiltrating communities of all kinds across the nation.

“People have described it as like an ‘addiction of misery,'” Sheldon said of the epidemic. “But the problem with describing it as such is that it seems to say that those who aren’t in misery, those with good jobs and a good standing in society are exempt from addiction, which just isn’t the case…click here to continue reading