Ben Higgins Gets Real About Past Painkiller Addiction: ‘It’s Not A Beautiful Season Of Life’


By Sarah Hearon

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Bachelor Nation may know him as “the perfect Ben,” but Ben Higgins didn’t hold back about his past struggles in his new book, Alone in Plain Sight, including his addiction to painkillers in high school.

“It’s not a beautiful season of life,” the 31-year-old reality TV personality exclusively told Us Weekly, noting it’s “hard,” “weird” and “still tough” for him to know the details of his past will now be public knowledge. “Not a lot of people know it in my own life, like, a lot of people don’t know that side [of me]. Because it’s not something you go around and parade around when you’re in it. It’s not something you talk about often, but [it’s] healing in a lot of ways to write it and to know what’s out there.” here to continue reading