Being an Educated Parent

Parent denial is probably one of the most common threads many teens have while they are smoking a joint or popping a pill – even downing the cough syrup. ┬áMany parents think their teen is not the bad child- its their friends that are the bad influence.
Being a parent in denial doesn’t help anyone, since eventually it will catch up with you and you may find yourself dealing with a teen that is escalating out of control.
For parents, here are some tips to learn more:
  • The next time your child has a doctor’s appointment, bring in a few fact sheets for the physicians, doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, etc., at the practice to stay informed.
  • Print out this page the next time you have a scheduled meeting with a teacher or anyone from your child’s school.
  • Visit with your teen and go through the real-life stories of teens who have abused cough medicine and learn the true dangers of abuse.
  • Download the brochure,┬áPreventing Teen Medicine Abuse from Home to Homeroom, a publication from and the National Association of School Nurses.
Get informed, stay informed and talk to your teens. Teens who learn a lot about the dangers of drugs and alcohol from their parents are half as likely to abuse them.