Being a Heavy-Drinking ‘Bad Mom’ is More Worrisome than Funny


By Elissa Strauss

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(CNN) “A Bad Moms Christmas,” the new comedy starring Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn, is the story of three mothers’ rebellion against the often-invisible labor imposed on women during the holiday season.

Enough with all the shopping, chopping, wrapping, baking and decorating and all the other activities making this the most wonderful time of year — for everyone else.
This time, they will take it easy. This time, they will seek pleasure, not perfection. And this time, they will be drunk.
Like in the first “Bad Moms,” released in 2016, the scenes of mom-driven debauchery in the holiday sequel are played for their shock value. We, the audience, are meant to be equal parts astonished and amused by the sight of three moms turning an ordinarily feminine and organized activity — such as going to the grocery store or shopping mall — into a Bacchanalia.
With the charisma and comedic chops of these actresses, these scenes are quite funny. But surprising? Not really.
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