Andrew Zimmern Reflects On The Loss Of Bourdain & Their Shared Mission


By Steve Bramucci

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Andrew Zimmern gets it. While the original premise of his show Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel seemed to be “dude goes someplace; eats weird sh*t” the end product has always been a rebellion against that sort of oversimplification. Like his late friend Anthony Bourdain, Zimmern’s goal was to reveal the connective power of eating together and the core values all humans share, even while living widely disparate lives.

It wasn’t only in philosophy that Bourdain and Zimmern were connected. They also shared a history of struggles with drugs and alcohol and a willingness to talk openly about addiction. This common ground, plus their mutual understanding of the celebrity machine, drew them close. Zimmern, who has been sober for more than two decades, has spoken openly in recent weeks about just how personal and painful…click here to continue reading