All That (Again)? Amanda Bynes Is Sober And Ready To Work.


By Staff Writer

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On an otherwise normal night in July 2013, Amanda Bynes was washing gasoline off a Pomeranian in the back sink of a liquor store in Thousand Oaks, California. She had not asked permission, but the policies governing access to the liquor store sink weren’t her biggest problem. Not even close.

She was washing gas off her Pomeranian because the dog had gotten soaked while Bynes was lighting someone’s driveway on fire. The “someone” in this case was a 73-year-old woman who didn’t even know Amanda Bynes. To this day, no one understands why Bynes decided to pour gasoline in a stranger’s driveway and set it ablaze.

The incident came as part of a multi-year string of publicity-grabbing episodes: DUIs, nonsensical tweets, throwing a bong out of her 37th floor window, getting thrown out of JFK airport, and more. By the time it was all over, one thing was clear: Amanda Bynes was not well. At her lowest point, Bynes’ parents were granted conservatorship over her person and estate, and she was briefly institutionalized.

Rumors abounded that the former child star (All That and The Amanda Show) had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Bynes has publicly disavowed these rumors, and declines to discuss her specific diagnosis or mental health regimen. Either way, her mental issues were obviously exacerbated by frequent drug and alcohol use, as evidenced by her arrest records and legal battles.

Regardless of her specific diagnosis or how she’s treating it, Bynes appears poised for a comeback. In her first interview in years, she recently told Diana Madison that she’s ready to return to acting in 2018, and ABC news has reported that Bynes has been sober for three years.

She’s also got her eye on a fashion line; while staying out of the spotlight, Bynes has been taking fashion and design classes at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. Whether she winds up a fashion mogul or screen star, fans are glad to see Bynes back on track.