Allison Janney And Addiction Awareness


Recovery is actually about starting. Starting to live a life that’s bigger than you thought possible …

By Tian Dayton

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Freedom Institute of New York City honored  Emmy and Oscar wining actress Allison Janney, in recognition of her contributions in raising awareness about the issues surrounding addiction and recovery. In her very moving acceptance speech, Ms. Janney opened up about the experience with addiction from her own life, that made her want to be part of CBS’s Mom.

“Addiction rips through so many families and mine is no exception. In 2011, I lost my brother Hal to this disease. He was an addict and an alcoholic. He was also one of my favorite people on this planet. He was incredibly charming and quick witted, kind and generous, smart and quick to laugh. I miss him every day”.

Many in the audience nodded in recognition having come through…click here to continue reading