All About Bachelorette Contestant Zac Clark, Who Shared His Story Of Addiction And Recovery


Tayshia Adams and the addiction specialist embarked on an emotional one-on-one during this week’s episode of The Bachelorette

By Ally Mauch

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Bachelorette contestant Zac Clark captivated fans with his moving backstory during Tuesday’s episode of the ABC reality show.

Zac, 36, and Tayshia Adams, 30, embarked on a one-on-one date at the start of the episode, during which they took wedding photos as a bride and groom and then sat down for a romantic meal.

Though Tayshia was nervous about being back in a wedding dress after her first marriage ended in divorce, Zac quelled her fears and made her feel comfortable throughout the photoshoot, leading Tayshia to wonder about the possibility of actually marrying him.

“It didn’t scare me,” she said in an on-camera interview. “It didn’t scare me at all.”

As his romance with Tayshia moves forward, here’s everything to know about Zac, from his past struggles to how he made it on The Bachelorette in the first place.

He’s been through a lot.

As he told Tayshia on the show, Zac struggled with a drug and alcohol addiction after…click here to continue reading