How Alcoholism Affects Your Sleep — And, In Turn, Your Life Expectancy


By Kate Harveston

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Do We Fall Asleep Better With Alcohol?

No, it’s the reverse!

Many may attest to the idea that alcohol can make it easier to fall asleep, but its presence in the body actually disrupts sleep cycles. With prolonged use, heavy drinking can compromise the duration and quality of REM sleep, which, in turn, threatens our holistic health in many ways and compromises our quality of life.

Alcoholism is an incredibly difficult disease to -talk about and break away from — there can be little doubt on either point. But the degree to which alcoholism affects -our waking lives and voluntary and involuntary bodily functions is less widely known — and something on which our collected knowledge continues to evolve. One of these effects is sleep quality.

Among its other deleterious health effects, the influence of alcoholism on our sleep patterns is especially unheralded in -our ongoing talks and debates about fighting addiction and substance abuse — and it poses a serious risk to -our life expectancy…click here to continue reading