Alcohol and Medication: These Are the Medications You Should Never Mix With Alcohol


By Korin Miller

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Recently, Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise contestant Corinne Olympios spoke to Good Morning America about the dangers associated with mixing alcohol and medications. She was speaking specifically in reference to the scandal surrounding the filming of this season’s Bachelor in Paradise, when allegations of sexual assault arose involving Olympios and fellow contestant DeMario Jackson. An internal investigation determined that no assault had taken place, and now Olympios is speaking out about what happened, including a possible explanation for why she had no recollection of the encounter.

“I did drink, you know, too much. I definitely understand that,” she said on Good Morning America. “But I was also on a medication that severely blacks you out and impairs your judgment and, you know, messes with you that I didn’t know you were supposed to not drink on.” She added: “So it really just caused a horrible, horrible blackout…click here to continue reading