After 10 Years of Sobriety, This Guy Opened A Bar That Doesn’t Serve Alcohol


It’s in Austin, Texas. And it’s awesome.

By Vanessa Etienne

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As the only Black kid in a primarily white neighborhood, Marshall discovered in high school that drinking was an easy way for him to fit in. The same went for college fraternity life.

But fitting in didn’t mean strong bonds, and he says alcohol became his self-medication for anxiety and depression. After dropping out of school, Marshall says his life began to spiral out of control until he checked into rehab at age 23 and found sobriety and connection.

Alcoholism festers in isolation. Following a decade in recovery, he opened Sans Bar, a place that could bring together people who choose not to drink. In fact, he says they seem to connect on a deeper level, both with one another and with him behind the counter.

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