Advice For Struggling Addicts From Rocker Nikki Sixx


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Former Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx has slammed the “enablers” who surround musicians and make it more difficult for those with drug issues to deal with them because it might affect financial returns.

Sixx has been vocal in recent months about the U.S. opiate crisis, particularly its effect in the artistic industries. Last month he dismissed the idea that taking drugs enhanced creativity, and in September he marked International Overdose Awareness Day by recounting his own worst experience while under the influence of heroin.

In a new interview on the syndicated talk show The Doctors, Sixx was asked if the “rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle” encourages drug abuse. “Yes and no,” he replied. “It depends on the artist. Like when Whitney Houston passed away, I think it was a good time to look at enablers. There’s a lot of people around the artist – there’s…click here to continue reading