Advice On Quitting Alcohol And Living A Life of Sobriety


By Katherine Davis, Contributor

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I haven’t had an alcoholic drink now since January 1, 2016, just over 20 months of complete abstinence from any alcohol. I knew I needed to quit drinking for my own personal reasons and I thought it would be hard because of the world that we live in. Society, it seems, prescribes alcohol as some sort of socially acceptable “medicine” to elevate human enjoyment, to deal with emotional issues, to commiserate bad times as examples. A quick fix cure for all human emotional needs.

A lot of adults in many cultures in this world have not gone for any extended period of time without alcohol since their teenage years and for many this is a happy crutch, able to control with ease and drink for pleasure. For others who are heavy drinkers or binge drinkers, unhealthy amounts are consumed in short periods of time but stopped to resume daily life and business until the next…click here to continue reading