Early Sobriety And The Holidays


By JoAnn Hummers

Original Source: obsentinel.com

Open letter to people with less than a year being clean or sober: (“Drinking” in this letter will refer also to using other drugs rather than stating any specific drug.)

The holiday season is quickly approaching. If this is your first winter being clean or sober you might already be anticipating the holidays with mixed emotions. To name a few, there could be a mixture of happy excitement, nervousness, worry, anxiety.

Will you be seeing old friends or family who still drink (or use other drugs)? Many of them won’t even notice if you are drinking or not. Remember, most people are thinking about what they are doing rather than focusing on what you ae doing.

Are you wondering how to say “No, thank you” to people who may not know about your new found freedom? “No, thank you” will work just fine for most. If some of those around you seem to think that it is their duty to “give you a good time,” there are a number of responses you could use. “I’ve had enough,” “I’m not using tonight,” “Thanks, but not today,” “I’ve quit ___.”

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