The Addiction Plotline On “Roseanne” Was Inspired By Roseanne Barr’s Real-Life Injury


By Megan Friedman

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That’s not a fake limp you’re seeing on the show.

Throughout the rebooted season of Roseanne, viewers have seen Roseanne Conner limp around the set, complaining about a bad knee. And it turns out that limp — and those winces of pain — weren’t just acting.

As the show was getting started, Roseanne Barr was dealing with a real-life knee injury from falling down in a park in San Francisco, so the writers decided to incorporate her ailment into the script. “We knew she was going to be limping in the show,” Bruce Rasmussen, co-executive producer of Roseanne, told “[We thought], ‘So let’s just say she’s hurt her knee.’”

Several moments have dealt with that injury, from Roseanne and Dan dividing their medications to Dan installing a chairlift so Roseanne can easily get up the stairs of their house. But the storyline reached its most dramatic, and topical, moment yet on Tuesday night’s episode, “Netflix & Pill.”…click here to continue reading