Addiction Happens to Good People, Too


By Lucy Schultze

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Why do people get hooked on drugs or alcohol? Because they’re just bad people.

It’s a simple enough assumption — if you can make it from a distance, sure that addiction won’t touch the people you care about. And true enough, many choices people make when they’re addicted do hurt others and themselves. It’s not the way “good” people behave.

But if you spend some time with real people who are struggling to break free from drugs or alcohol, you’ll have to think again.

“The way you think of the stereotypical addict or alcoholic is not an accurate view,” says Mark Russell, MSW, who worked with groups and individuals as a clinical therapist with Oxford Treatment Center.

“They’re your next-door neighbors, the people you go to church with,” he said. “They’re teachers and…click here to continue reading