I Abused Drugs for 10 Years. Exercise Helped Me Get and Stay Sober


By Ginny Graves

Original Source: health.com

After hitting rock bottom, Dana Smith discovered the power of fitness in prison.

 Most recovering addicts talk about a “bottom”—a devastating low point that finally made them see they needed to change their behavior. “Mine haunts me and fills me with enormous remorse to this day,” says Dana Smith.It was July 2009. Dana was 25, and had been abusing a variety of drugs for the past 10 years. “During those years, I lost a boyfriend to suicide and watched several friends overdose,” she says. Her parents did everything they could think of to try to help, including sending her through three rounds of expensive rehab. “I was hopeless and truly didn’t see a way out.”

Then one night, while driving under the influence of heroin and Xanax in the Chicago suburbs, where she lived at the time, she reached her nadir. “I fell asleep behind the wheel, crossed the center line and struck…click here to continue reading