A Skydiving Accident, Opioid Addiction, And One Surfer’s Path To Redemption


Cocoa Beach’s Tyler Farnham chronicles his crazy life path in new book, ‘Journals from Cloud 9’

By Dashel Pierson

Original Source: surfline.com

Tyler Farnham was lying in a hospital bed, his body mangled – numerous broken bones, an IV drip of painkillers in his arm, and enough metal pins and rods stuffed under his skin to make the tinman jealous.

“Surfing was always on my mind,” said the Cocoa Beach, Florida native. “I had a poster of Cory Lopez hanging up in my rehab room for inspiration. I never realized how much I loved surfing, until it was taken away from me.”

As a lifelong surfer, Farnham was first pushed into a wave by…click here to continue reading