A Former Police Officer’s Drug Addiction Almost Killed Him. Now He’s Taken Control Of His Life And Helping Others Do The Same


By  Bethany Hines, CNN

Original Source: cnn.com

(CNN) – Mark Restivo says he brought in nearly $5,000 a month selling prescription drugs.

“I had to feed my habit as best I could. I was constantly buying and selling and using pills,” the former New York police officer said.

“I went from a police officer to a drug dealer within a matter of months,” Restivo, 39, explained. “I abused Adderall, cocaine, oxycodone, methadone and suboxone.”

Restivo battled alcoholism and drug addiction long before becoming an officer, he says. He was just 14 when he had his first shot of vodka.

“Looking back, I was an alcoholic. I didn’t drink like everybody else did, because for some people, they were able to have a few drinks on the weekend and stop. I just …click here to continue reading