A Competitive Powerlifter Shares How Working Out Is A ‘Grounding Force’ In His Sobriety


Kyle Sullivan explains how the structure and progression of weightlifting have played a major role in his life since getting sober.

By Philip Ellis

Original Source: menshealth.com

When Kyle Sullivan was 18 years old, he won $51,000 dollars on the gameshow Wipeout. “After that, it was non-stop partying, partying, partying,” he says. “I wasn’t working, because I won all this money, so it was just waking up and figuring out where we were going to go drink and party… What went hand in hand with that rebellious mindset was I wanted to try things that were taboo. I did a lot of drugs living in LA.”

Speaking to webseries Brand New Me, Kyle explains how getting out of Los Angeles helped him quit taking drugs, but that his...click here to continue reading