A 1,200-Pound Grill Nearly Killed This Chef. Then He Almost Killed Himself.


How North Carolina chef Scott Howell battled depression and alcohol abuse to get back to cooking.

By Josh St. Clair

Original Source: menshealth.com

When Scott Howell returned to his native North Carolina in the early ’90s, most food was still prepared frozen, most plates left the kitchen without ever being tasted, and no one wore chef coats—no one. By then, Howell was a Culinary Institute of America graduate, schooled in New York City’s burgeoning culinary scene. He’d studied under James-Beard-Award-winning chefs. He’d worked in Michelin-starred restaurants. He even cooked at Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s wedding reception. When he returned home with his Bragard French uniform, clogs, and hair down to the middle of his back, he was ready to leave a mark. He opened his own upscale restaurant, Nana’s, and started…click here to continue reading