9 Non-Alcoholic Spirits To Get You Through Sober September


By Amber Love Bond

Original Source: forbes.com

September has arrived — where it came from, we’re unsure, but it’s here and that means it’s the end of summer and the holidays will be here before we know it. In recent years, many have decided to observe Sober September. Like its counterpart, Dry January, it’s a time for those who are sober-curious or just simply want to spend less time feeling hungover or want to give their bodies a rest and a reset. If you think about it, the timing is perfect since it’s the end of summer, kids are back to school, and you’ve got just enough time to get ready for what will likely be a busy holiday season.

If you’re looking to take part in Sober September or are just thinking about cutting down on your alcohol intake, here are 9 non-alcoholic spirits you should check out…click here to continue reading