7 Signs Your Weekend Drinking May Actually Be High-Functioning Alcoholism


By Carina Wolff

Original Source: bustle.com

For some, having a few drinks with friends on a weekend doesn’t become a problem. But for others, this frequent binge drinking can indicate a greater issue. There are a number of signs that mean your weekend drinking may actually be signs of high-functioning alcoholism, and it’s important to spot these characteristics to make sure your drinking isn’t getting out of control.

Someone with high-functioning alcoholism can be difficult to identify because, to most people, they appear to have it all together,” Jeremy Pitzer, LCSW, CEO of Oaks at La Paloma, tells Bustle. “Only their closest family and friends may be able to identify it, and even they may be enabling or in denial themselves. Making it even more difficult to distinguish, the drinking behaviors and preferences of those with high-functioning alcoholism vary widely. Some drink daily, while others only drink beer or specifically on the weekends.”…click here to continue reading