7 Signs You Might Be A Functioning Alcoholic


By Eleanor Jones

Original Source: cosmopolitan.com

In England alone, it’s estimated that 595,000 people are dependent on alcohol, but only one sixth of them are accessing help. In fact, some of them manage to hold down a stable job and relationships with their family and friends, and on the surface, appear to be happy and successful – the complete opposite of what you’d typically think of when we say the word ‘alcoholic’.

However, although you may still be ‘functioning’, maintaining an unhealthy dynamic with alcohol can still cause an incredible amount of damage, both physically and mentally. If you’re concerned about how much you (or a friend) is drinking, here are 8 telltale signs that it might be time to ask for help.

1. You’re always up for a drink

Red flag to anyone who considers themselves to be the life and soul. “Someone with an alcohol problem is likely to be ever-ready to go for a drink, which can make them seem like great fun and really…click here to continue reading