6 Common Characteristics Of Addiction: Is My Loved One An Addict?


By Women Fitness Magazine

Original Source: womenfitnessmag.com

6 Common Characteristics of Addiction: Substance abuse is a lurking demon. It’s often closeted and locked behind closed doors; society shuns and stigmatizes abusers. They shouldn’t because it often leads to cyclic abuse and other destructive behavior.

22 million Americans face their problems at the bottom of a bottle or the prick of a needle. That’s a large chunk of the population. Abuse has likely been something you’ve encountered, unknowingly or not.

Your coworker’s husband might be an alcoholic. The neighbor next door could be a heroin addict. Do you think abuse has cursed someone closer to you?

There are 6 common characteristics of addiction. These will help you dispel your suspicions, or they’ll reveal if your loved one has demons to dispel.

Eye of the Beholder

Look into your loved one’s eyes. Romantically, with love, or with concern.

Drug use is evident in the eye. It’s an indicator that the person has used, is recovering from, or is on a…click here to continue reading