5 Reasons to use Mobile Monitoring


Written by Katie Esposito

The typical way to test for sobriety during treatment is to have regular UAs. However, with advances in technology, it can make more sense for many to monitor with a mobile breath device instead. Besides the fact that a mobile breath is less intrusive than most any other test, the mobile device has distinct advantages:

1. It’s convenient.

You don’t have to go into a testing center, you can carry your mobile breath device unit with you and use it wherever you happen to be at testing time. There is no need to schedule your life around appointments.

2. You get real-time results.

The data gets submitted as it happens, through a wireless data connection. Instead of waiting until the next testing appointment, you can see where you are at any point. This also gives you peace of mind to know that your test results are accurate.

3. It’s discreet.

Even if you carry your mobile breath device with you, it’s small enough that you can easily put it in a pocketbook or knapsack. No one has to know you’re using it, whether you are at work, with family or out in public. Your monitoring is your business, and this will help it stay that way.

4. Test whenever you want.

Even if you’re on a set testing schedule, you can take additional BAC tests at any time. This allows a constant monitoring of your progress. Of course, you can just always stick to the schedule if that is your preference.

5. It can hold you accountable for early relapse.

Having a test that offers instant, reportable monitoring is beneficial to many who are working to maintain their sobriety. It gives them another tool to use to hold themselves accountable for their behaviors. If a person does slip up, the immediacy of the device can help prevent a lapse from leading to a full on relapse and return to addictive behavior.

Mobile monitoring is an ideal solution for many. However, there are others who will benefit from having to go into the treatment center for testing on a regular basis. This type of monitoring should be considered a viable option for many alcohol dependents.

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