5 Benefits Entrepreneurs Enjoy From Being Sober


By Anna Johansson, Contributor

Original Source: huffingtonpost.com

As popular as alcohol is – nearly 140 million current drinkers in the U.S. alone – it’s a bit of a sticky subject. People don’t like to talk about it – they just like to drink it. This is especially true in the business world, where many people, unfortunately, let it control their careers and influence their decision making.

As an adult with an ability to make whatever personal decisions you’d like, it’s perfectly within your legal rights to enjoy alcohol as often as you’d like. But from an entrepreneurial/professional perspective, there’s a lot more to gain from actively pursuing sobriety.

Alcohol and Business: A Bond as Old as Time

All you have to do is watch a couple of episodes of Mad Men and you’ll realize that alcohol and business have been connected for a long time. It’s a bond as old as time, especially in certain industries.

Take the legal field as an example. Former attorney Natalie Baker likes to say the law profession is a “tradition steeped in alcohol.” And while she’s no longer a practicing attorney, her current job consists of marketing to and building relationships with other attorneys. As a result, she’s frequently around copious amounts of alcohol.

“With so much personal experience in this area, it’s no surprise to me that practicing law is seen as a profession especially prone to substance abuse…click here to continue reading