4 Warning Signs You’re Dependent On Alcohol, According To An Expert


By Anthea Levi

Original Source: health.com

How to tell the difference between appreciating a glass of wine—and needing it to function.

“If you ask me about drinking I’ll tell you I love it; it relaxes me and makes life fun,” writes Annie Grace, author of This Naked Mind, a new book for anyone who has ever wondered, Am I drinking too much?

The sentiment is a legitimate one. For many of us, drinking does make life fun. But the line between enjoying alcohol and depending on it can get fuzzy fast. Take it from Grace, who before writing This Naked Mind found herself imbibing five glasses of wine a night, often downing more while her husband and children slept.

Acknowledging her dependence was especially difficult because Grace functioned just fine most of the time. “During the day I [felt]in control,” she writes. “I [was]successful and busy. The outward signs…click here to continue reading