4 Things You’re Doing To Help Someone With An Addiction That Could Be Doing More Harm Than Good


By Lindsay Dodgson

Original Source: thisisinsider.com

Having supportive friends and family is incredibly important for anyone trying to recover from addiction. But there is sometimes the risk of a healthy relationship becoming codependent.

According to Lawrence Weinstein, chief medical officer for the American Addiction Center, this is detrimental to someone with an addiction, because knowing someone is at their beck and call gives an addict excuses to act without consequence.

“Often, the codependent partner of someone with addiction receives validation for tending to the addict’s every need,” Weinstein told INSIDER. “Whether the underlying problem is related to self-image, self-esteem or self-worth, the codependent partner is fulfilled when the addict is taken care of emotionally and/or physically, even while neglecting other important aspects of their own lives.”

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