4 Reasons To Use Alcohol Monitoring In Child Custody Cases


By Susan Adcox/In Family Law

Original Source: soberlink.com

When Laura plans to go to the gym, she notifies her workout buddies. She knows she’ll be more likely to go if she’s made a commitment to her friends.

Jon’s history teacher seldom checks homework. His math teacher always does. Jon finds that he takes much more care with his math homework than with his history assignments.

Like Laura and Jon, most people perform better when they know they will be held accountable. This is true for individuals who are struggling with Alcohol Use Disorder, especially if they are involved in a child custody case. If your client is in need of accountability for sobriety in a custody case, alcohol monitoring systems, like Soberlink, could be an effective solution. Here are four reasons why alcohol monitoring is useful in child custody cases: …click here to continue reading