Sam Smith Puts Down The Booze And Talks Mental Health



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Amidst the Grammy and Oscar awards that sit in his home, singer Sam Smith continues to live up to his superstar status and perform to a number of sold out shows and stadiums worldwide. However, the 25-year-old singer confessed in a recent interview that he still battles with mental health issues from time to time.

Opening up about his struggles with anxiety, and a desire to stay sober, the singer stated his “anxiety levels and mental health went through a shaky period at Christmas,” which has prompted him to quit alcohol and start meditating in hopes to help ease his anxiety.

“I get massive anxiety. I really struggle. I was so nervous at the Grammys this year,” he admitted in an interview with The Sun“I thought I would be more in control of my body and emotions but I get so nervous, to the point…click here to continue reading