12 Steps To Breaking Smartphone Addiction


By Michael Pietrzak

Original Source: success.com

I descended into the subway toward the metallic tube that would rush me across the city in the dark underground. A man was having a phone call, lingering halfway down the stairs, not yet ready to cut the umbilical cord with the unseen radio tower that connected him to the Matrix.

This would be no problem except that dozens of rushed commuters were piling up behind him like water in a kinked hose.

A minute later on the platform, the subway doors opened and another unconscious automaton, without raising an eyebrow, shifted his heaving bulk juuuust inside the train doors, deeply engrossed in an epic battle of man versus candy.

His glacial pace nearly caused a mother and child behind him to get caught in the ruthless jaws of the closing doors.

“Hey man,” I said. “Your Candy Crush session is going to get us all killed.”

He roused his glazed eyes to meet my face, looking confused, before returning to the cold glow of his colorful puzzles without saying a word.

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