10 Experiences That Are Better Than Being High


By Micah Robbins

Original Source: reneweveryday.com

When you’re struggling with an addiction, it’s usually because you’ve bought into the lie that the next hit or drink will make your life better or easier. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Here are 10 experiences that are better than being high.

When you’re chasing that next high or you’re stoned, drunk or hungover, you’re not improving your life — you’re escaping it. Meanwhile, some of life’s most precious moments may be passing you by.
The beauty of recovery, on the other hand, is waking up to these moments of your life — maybe for the very first time — and discovering there’s so much to experience sober that beats being high any day. Hearing clients share these aha! moments is one of the great joys of my job. Whether big or small, these moments of “Eureka!” pave the way for lasting recovery from drugs or alcohol, both as the motivation to get better and as a strong disincentive to relapse.
On that note, here are 10 experiences (among many) that are better than being high…click here to continue reading