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WSVN — There’s a dangerous new trend in South Florida. Teens are using electronic cigarettes to get high, and their parents don’t even know it. 7′s Lynn Martinez has this special assignment report, “Up in Smoke.”

These videos posted on YouTube show teens taking part in a popular trend.

It’s called ‘vaping.’ Using e-cigarettes to inhale liquid nicotine. But some are taking this trend to a dangerous new level.

Jim Hall, Nova Southeastern University: “This can also be used not just for nicotine liquid cartridges, but also for a number of illicit drugs.”

Jim Hall is a substance abuse expert at Nova Southeastern University. He says the real danger is what your child may actually be vaping.

Jim Hall: “Primarily, we’re associating it with synthetic marijuana or fake pot.”

Also known as Spice or K2, synthetic marijuana exploded in South Florida a few years ago sold as herbal incense.

Jim Hall: “These products are chemicals that are sprayed onto plant material.”

And those chemicals can cause erratic and sometimes violent behavior in those who smoke it.

Peggy Ayela: “He turned around and he climbed up me, piggyback, only on the front.”

This South Florida mom told 7News about her son’s bizarre behavior after smoking Spice.

Peggy Ayela: “He was Baker acted for 72 hours by the police.”

The use of Spice is still on the rise, resulting in dozens of trips to Florida emergency rooms this year alone.

Jim Hall: “We’ve seen over 150 of these medical emergency cases in the state of Florida alone just since January of 2015.”

And vaporizers can enhance the high.

Jim Hall: “It delivers a far more potent form of whatever drug is being used.”

Parents can have a hard time detecting if their kid is vaping synthetic pot. E-cigarettes produce an odorless vapor, regardless of the substance inside.

Jim Hall: “Because it doesn’t leave a telltale scent or aroma.”

Some devices are being disguised.

Jim Hall: “We have other vaporizers that are camouflaged to look like a regular ballpoint pen.”

So what should parents look for if they suspect their child is vaping fake pot?

Jim Hall: “The use of a vaporizer will create a syndrome that’s similar to a very dry mouth. Nose bleeding is associated with vaporizers.”

E-cigarettes are not going away anytime soon. Neither is synthetic marijuana. Combining the two could make your child’s future go up in smoke.

Miami-Dade and Broward counties have ordinances making it illegal to sell e-cigarettes to those under 18, but many are still able to purchase the devices online.

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