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Screen Shot 2012-05-07 at 9.33.19 AM.pngBy: Ted Garcia

Drunk driving continues to be a big problem in San Antonio, and a local judge says he's fed up.

To combat the problem, Judge Carlo Key has turned to a new piece of technology that he hopes will make a life-saving difference.

"Our numbers are off the charts," said Key, "And I worry on a daily basis for the safety of the people on our roads and our families."

Key says what happened this past Fiesta should be a wake-up call. He's talking about the 373 D.W.I. arrests, which is a 45% increase from 2010. He says it takes 20 to 24 hours to try a D.W.I. case on average.

"So, just based on that, if we were to try all the cases that we picked up during this past Fiesta alone, that's 9,000 hours of trial time, " said Key. "So, that's 1,000 work days, eight hours a day truing these cases."

Recently, Judge Key came across a new took that he says could make a difference.

It's a device called SoberLink that remotely monitors a person's sobriety.

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